Not “If” or “When”, But How Much It’ll Hurt our Business

by | Sep 27, 2018 | New Paradigms

Just search the term “synthetic”, “synth”, or “synthetic voices” on my blog to see how often I’ve touched on this topic over the years. 


And each time, I was posting because yet another major corporation (Google, Adobe, Sony, etc.) had made even more strides in the Artificial Intelligence that goes into developing a digital voice that sounds very human.

I see little incursion of a cost-effective AI voice solution SO FAR, but make no mistake, it will have an impact. Click To Tweet

They keep saying it can’t be done; that the emotional nuances of the human voice are just too complex for other humans to ever buy into the acceptance that it’s a machine.  But it IS here.

The question as to how it will affect our business will come down to the matter of convenience and cost.

When a producer needs a voice for an audiobook, a promo, or a TV/Radio spot – NOW – will he/she invest in the savings (over the long run) and uncluttered immediacy of an AI voice?…or will she/he hang with the tried ‘n’ true paradigm of agents, casting directors, production houses, relationships, or even P2P’s?

Discover how THAT plays out over time, and you’ll have the answer as to how secure your future is in Voice Acting.  

I see little incursion of a cost-effective AI voice solution SO FAR, but make no mistake, it will have an impact.

Just listen to the voice comparisons in this article:  “A WHOLE NEW LEVEL – NEW NEURAL TEXT-TO-SPEECH SERVICE THAT SPEAKS LIKE A HUMAN”.

My thanks to Judy Fossum for bringing this latest development to my attention.




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