What’s the old saying about throwing something against the wall to see what sticks?

I’m still looking for that thing that sticks when it comes to marketing with a purpose.

I’m here, I’m there…inconsistent and undisciplined.

So, I’m going to share with you my little mnemonic using the first letter of the days of the week to see if THIS plan sticks like good spaghetti should.

Feel free to copy, plagiarize, steal, re-purpose or pitch as you see fit.

Marketing Monday  set goals for the week, choose platforms/media, write down names of targets and begin reaching out to the first five names/prospects on the list (keep record of this)

Touchbase Tuesday continue building and calling/emailing/video messaging/LinkedIn messaging prospects.  Force myself to make a cold call or two.  (keep a record)

Written Wednesday  build email distribution lists, and send short written emails to specific possible clients.  Write newsletter for sending ASAP.

ThankYou Thursday  send thank you notes or CourVO swag to past/present customers and/or a few important VO colleagues. (keep a record)

Follow-up Friday  send follow-up email, video, or message to a prospect I reached out to 1-2 weeks ago that has not responded.  Be nice!

Honorable mention:  continue to audition like a madman while doing all the above!





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