Song: I Want to be a VoiceOver Guy

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Fun Stuff

As promised in yesterday’s blog, today I have for you a real gem-of-an-offering today.

To recap (you did read yesterday’s blog, right?), on my recent vacation, I experienced contact from some pretty strange voice-actor proposals.

Most just wanted to know how to get sacks of money delivered to their doorstep within a week of starting voice work, but the offering I have for you today takes the cake!

Out of nowhere, George Peter Block, Jr., of Park Ridge, IL (Chicago suburb) sent me a raw, and then a fully-produced version of his newly-minted song:  “I want to be a voiceover guy”.  (click below)

He didn’t offer much in the way of explanation of why he was so moved to compose such a piece.  Nor did he explain why he thought I was the guy to hear it, but there it is nonetheless.

Actually, the production is pretty solid, and George can actually carry a tune.  He DID give me full permission to use it in any way I saw fit, and that means putting it on my blog so you can hear it… you lucky voiceover guy/gal!

I guess I should just be happy that my name is “out there” on the internet so people are able to find me.  I just wish more clients would call!


I Want to be a Voiceover Guy

by George Peter Block, Jr.



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