Break Out of Your…

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Ruminations


Doing so is almost always beneficial in your work/life outlook.

I’m not saying it’s easy. Lord knows, I’ve got my daily/weekly/monthly routine. Sometimes it feels like a ball ‘n’ chain, and other times, it’s my saving grace for putting me back on track when my world seems in disarray.

Either way, routines can be limiting. You get in a rut. Expectations are always met, new perspectives are rarely gained.


  • If you always drive a car to work/the store, maybe plan to take public transportation for a change?
  • Don’t type that email…actually compose a hand-written note on paper, and send it in an envelope with a stamp.
  • Plan a stay-at-home vacation instead of an away vacation.
  • Plan an away vacation instead of a stay-at-home vacation.
  • Skip your evening news or favorite TV program.
  • Go roller skating instead.
  • Attend a soccer game of 10-yr-olds down at the soccer fields.
  • Go to the library and browse around the stacks.
  • Always go to church? Skip a Sunday.
  • Never go to church? Find a house of worship, and try it.
  • Go to a bridge over a river/creek, and just stand there watching the water go under your feet.
  • Volunteer at a local food pantry or homeless kitchen.
  • Set aside an afternoon, drive to a nearby town, go to a local cafe and eat a piece of pie, before driving back.
  • Take a hardback book to a park at least 10 miles away and read for an hour in the shade.

    Maybe you do all those things in YOUR routine. Then whatever you don’t typically do, haven’t typically done in a long time, or have NEVER done. Just TRY it. I’ll bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you experience, the people you meet, and the reflections that bring meaning to your life.

    The more uh…er…seasoned I get, the more my bent towards introversion takes over, so I’ve had to FORCE myself to break my routine. Luckily, my life always presents opportunities for getting outside my comfort zone, as I’m frequently asked to MC and attend various charitable and community functions.

    Invariably, these events introduce me to new people, educate me about organizations I had no idea existed, and broaden my horizons.

    I’m constantly blessed by new relationships and novel experiences!




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