Most voice actors seem obsessed with obtaining, and having at-the-ready, a mobile recording solution.

I get it.  I’m a geek too, and I’ve got several iterations of an “away” recording configuration.

But let’s face it, you can have a U-87  in your hotel room, and your recording is gonna sound horrible if your acoustic environment isn’t adequate.  Hence the creative solutions using available luggage stands, ironing boards, blankets, and pillows.

The more sophisticated and expensive solutions involve portable booths.  In fact, Harlan Hogan’s contraption is actually called PORTA-BOOTH.  There’s the Kaotica Eyeball, VocalBoothtoGo, the IsoBox Booth, and various other folding portable vocal isolation booths, and a relative newcomer: Halo Portable Vocal Booth by Aston Microphones.

All these home-made constructs and store-bought devices are innovative ways to isolate your recording in places away from your booth.  But the best one might just be sitting out there in the motel parking lot.  Your car.

Ask guys like Joe Cipriano, Ashton Smith, Scott Rummell and Stew Herrera.  As network promo voices virtually on-call at any time, they’re experts at recording from ANYWHERE.   They’ll tell you that if necessity dictates, your car (when it’s not moving) is about as good a sound booth as you’re gonna find outside of your home studio.

there is an entire automotive subculture dedicated to squeezing the best possible sound out of your car interior Click To Tweet

Think about it.  For decades, now, automobile manufacturers have been perfecting sound systems that rival your home sound system.  To get great sound out of that DVD playere, or that iPod/iPhone connection…it takes more than Bose speakers.  It takes a carefully-constructed environment for HEARING sound…the same environment that is optimally conducive to RECORDING sound.

On top of that, modern car designers have gone OUT OF THEIR WAY to make the inside of cars uber-quiet…so the street noise outside doesn’t impinge on listening to P-Diddy’s latest hit.

Recording VO in your car is not a novel idea, just one that bears repeating.  Matthew McGlynn wrote a boffo article on this very thing:  THE AWESOME VOCAL BOOTH YOU ALREADY OWN…complete with comparisons of soundfiles recorded in a studio vs. car.  This GearSlutz forum thread has useful information about the car recording environment.

There is an entire automotive subculture dedicated to squeezing the best possible sound out of your car interior.  Many of the suggestions you’ll find are fairly inexpensive, and will help deaden sound inside, or seal your car to exterior sounds.  Car Acoustics is one such article.  Here’s another that is almost unbelievable in its exhaustive treatment of the subject.

See?…and you thought this was gonna get complicated.  Well, unless you flew to your destination…then the cab-driver may charge you extra for using the back seat as a booth.  🙂




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