Tell Me a Story: Part 2

by | May 15, 2018 | Marketing

This’ll be short.  I’m fighting a chest cold/head cold and a 100.2º fever.

But I just couldn’t let things lie after yesterday’s blog.

Because I’d left out an enormous opportunity you need to capitalize on: 

Storytelling in your marketing.

Did you know that Amazon’s CEO – Jeff Bezos – has banned PowerPoint presentations at all Amazon internal business meetings?  

See article here.

Instead, he wants all presentations done in a narrative format.  Now, I’m not a Bezos-worshipper, but I’m also not one of the top 5 richest men in the world.

“But Dave…”,  you say, “…I’m not a good writer…”

Stop whining and try.  Again, only YOU can write like you write, with the perspective, grammar, style, and creativity that YOU bring to the table.

I break all sorts of authoring rules EVERY day in my blog, but these daily missives have proven wildly successful because I developed my own style, and stuck with it…perfecting it over time.  If you really can’t write, then hire another freelancer at a decent wage who can, and you’ll both be happy!

Stand out.

Be creative in your marketing materials.

Make them uniquely you.

[…and you really oughta consider video marketing. I will NOT accept the tired excuse that you “have a face for radio”!]




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