Being Seen/Heard in the Online Noise

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Marketing

Have you ever “gone viral” online?

Yeah…me neither.

I guess it’s the holy grail of publicity…I mean that’s what “they” say, right?

It’s darned hard to stand out in the crowd these days.  Maybe you don’t want to, but everything I’m reading/seeing/hearing points to the advantages of even showing up on the radar as a freelancer.

You just about have to stand out in some way in online marketing these days to sustain a steady stream of work.  But the market is so fractionated, and niche is everything.  The social media world is morphing so fast in so many ways – culturally and technically – that it takes solid work and persistence to handle it.

You may not want to hear that there's no magic secret back door to the exposure you seek. Click To Tweet

I’ve been doing some research, and I want to share with you the best sources I’ve found on this general topic.  You may not want to hear that there’s no magic pill…no secret app…no back door to the exposure you seek.  

  • Choose good targets
  • Produce excellent content
  • Pay it forward
  • Be present in the conversation
  • Be consistently persistent
  • Have courteous manners
  • Be a good speller
  • Be disciplined
  • Use smart tools

That’s my short list.
Here’s what the experts are saying:

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Got it?


Now go get ’em!





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