Inbred Myopia

by | Mar 30, 2018 | New Paradigms

You’ve given your entire focus to success in voiceovers

You’ve immersed yourself in the culture, science, art, and nuance of this challenging profession.

In return, the community of voice actors has proven good to its reputation of being supportive, encouraging, and accommodating.  Let’s face it, sometimes you’ve been floored at the lengths some of your peers will go to  be helpful. 



Other voice actors do not always have all the answers to make your freelance business a success.  We’re overly involved in our OWN field to see how others have cracked a marketing nut over in the field of graphic arts.  Or how an expert in photography made a breakthrough in a social media campaign that others in the gig economy could benefit from.

I’ve mentioned here ‘n’ there that I’ve been hanging out for months, now, with a bunch of freelance entrepreneurs in an online forum.  Out of about 200 of us, I’m the only voice actor.  There are realtors, travel agents, content providers, journalists, puppeteers, PR experts, cat-food distributors, bloggers, home inspectors, website developers, professional public speakers and more…so much more.

...a fresh look from another specialty can catch you off guard and make you think. Click To Tweet

Out of all that, there are some posts that seem to not apply, but the more I look, the more I see others folks like you and me, wrestling with the same issues of visibility, billing, marketing, writing, social media, editing, compensation, bookkeeping and on and on and on.

Yes, I belong to a Voiceover MasterMind group, and it’s amazing.  I learn so much.  But still, there are gaps.  If nothing else, a fresh look from another specialty can catch you off guard and make you think.

When I post what I think is an issue unique to voice-actors, this group of entrepreneurial thinkers has a way of turning the question on its ear, and asking me something in return that bids me examine the problem at a whole other level of concept.

Where can you find groups like this?

  • FaceBook
  • Google+ (often overlooked)
  • LinkedIn (excellent opportunities here)
  • Local Chamber of Commerce

They’re there… just look.  If you don’t walk away in a couple of weeks time with at least one fresh idea, I’ll send you bag of nuts and a hammer.   You can maybe crack the nut THAT way!




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