Be Presidential Today

by | Feb 18, 2018 | Ruminations

Sure it’s a holiday, but does that mean you sit back and do nothing?

There’s no mistaking what a president does.

He/she leads.

Don’t slack today. 


Lead your business to success.

No one else is doing business today leaving you without the chance to interact?

Try these things:

  • finish building that email list
  • re-read your business plan
  • send out some thankyous to recent clients
  • clean out your hard-drive filing system
  • find some new feature on your DAW
  • check the metrics on your Social Media platforms
  • finish cleaning up your web page
  • check to see you’re keeping with your new year’s budget
  • call a VO friend… just to call
  • pack for VO Atlanta
  • read all the articles you’ve saved that are collecting dust
  • upgrade your software
  • check your spam filters
  • fix the _____________ that makes you grumble every time you crawl in  your studio
  • decide on this year’s conference/coaching schedule
  • much much more

Get the idea?  Lead in the small things, and tend to those details in an “off-day”. Come Tuesday,  you’ll be ahead of the game with the frenzy of returning to the regularly scheduled programming.





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