Peter Shankman is a blur.  A peripatetic force of nature.  He’s admittedly ADHD and the book he wrote about it hit #1.  He sees his hyperactivity as a big plus, not a cross to bear.

Besides an author, Shankman an international public speaker, a social media savant, an organizer, a motivator, an instigator, the founder of more multi-million dollar companies built ‘n’ sold than you have pairs of shoes.  You may have seen him on national and local TV talk shows and news programs.

I’m lucky enough to be part of “Shankminds”…an online group of brainy entrepreneurs solving each other’s problems, and helping individuals through the ups and downs of freelance business challenges.

Below is a list of “don’t’s” he published yesterday. Then below that is a link to another article I also ran across on the same day.  Both suggest things to give up in the pursuit of success.

Anything below sound usable?  Uh-huh…’thought so.

Please stop:

1) Trying to please everyone
2) Fearing change
3) Living in the past
4) Overthinking
5) Being afraid to be different
6) Beating yourself up over mistakes
7) Sacrificing your happiness for others
8) Thinking you’re not good enough
9) Thinking you have no purpose

Now, here’s that link to a similar article:

13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful

Have a great weekend!





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