Two-fer Tuesday

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Ramblings/Off-Topic

OK, just bear with me today…I’m in a strange mood.  It’s either because it’s close to the holidays, or because I’m about to end a 38-year career as a news broadcaster.  Either way, this won’t take long.
[be sure to read all the way through]

I saw the picture below in my email queue Monday, and the juxtaposition of Erik Sheppard’s YT video thumbnail, right next to Bill DeWees’ YT video thumbnail caught my eye.

Does anything about this picture prompt an obvious reaction? 

Just take a good critical look and give me the first thought that jumps to mind.  Add a comment below, and try to keep the snark to a minimum.  🙂

(I’ll share my thoughts in tomorrow’s blog)

That didn’t do it for ya, huh?

OK, well this next link takes you to an Australian radio industry site with a fun article called:  “HELL HATH NO FURY AS A VOICE ARTIST….”

A Metric TON of video production time went into the two videos referenced in the article.  One from a year ago, and a follow-up from THIS season (you’ll understand when the follow the link).

Some hella voices in this video!

Here’s the link:

Enjoy!  And don’t forget to leave your comments about the Sheppard/DeWees pic!




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