No Broken Bones…Yet

by | Dec 28, 2017 | Ruminations

Leaving a career in broadcasting half-way through December was cathartic and confusing.

I could finally shuck the confining demands of an always-pressing schedule.

But I couldn’t really start defining the Dave-to-be because of the commitments of the holidays.  All 3 of my daughters were here.  There were plenty of Christmas and New Year’s duties.

Not that I’m complaining mind you, but I guess I’m anxious to get on with it!

There’s an old adage that has several forms in translation:

  • “you can’t fill your cup until you empty what’s already in there”
  • “you can’t accept new gifts until you let go of the old ones”
  • “if you arms are folded, they can’t receive hugs”
  • “let go of the old to be able to prepare for the new”

I’m ready to do any/all of that.

For the first time in decades I’m in the enviable/scary position of being able to call my own shots on everything (mostly my time).  Many of you reading this now have been doing the freelance life full-time for years.  

Got suggestions?  (please offer comments below!)

It’s going to take some time to adjust and find my discipline, my routines, my center.  

Above all I’m ready to fail.  I know I will, and I welcome it, so I can get on to the good stuff….the successes.

I started my day today by hearing from a steady client that they were dropping me from their roster.  Within an hour, I had a new job needing to be done by end of day, and two new clients with work for the new year, simply by making some phone calls.  Would I have made the calls if I hadn’t been jilted?  Eventually, but why wait!

Letting go of what my arms are holding to accept new gifts.





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