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by | Dec 19, 2017 | Web Resources

PayPal is no longer the de facto way to get/make payments.  It’s the best-known, and most established, but these days, you have options.

Oh, so many options.  

Most of them now offer at least minimal help in accounting and invoicing, but not necessarily.  To get the bottom-line service that offers quick, secure transactions (both sending and receiving) you may have to seek the service that best suits your business.

PayPal is alright…just alright.  A default, to be sure…but not your only choice.  

For international transactions especially, TransferWise is mighty convenient.

Domestically, lotsa people like Venmo, Chasebank, Cash, Square, Stripe and Amazon.  Much depends on whether your clients like to use a credit card to pay you. (Personally, I ask my clients to send a good old-fashioned paper checque in the mail.)

Again, you gotta find the service that fits best with your bank, your business practices, and a convenience/cost factor.

Below are a few sites I’ve found that offer a righteous list of possible candidates.

Me?  I use PayPal when I have to, but mostly Square when accepting credit card payments.  In any case, be sure to deduct the transaction fees as part of the cost of doing business in your yearly accounting.

What have I missed that you found convenient?

Please let us know in the comments?



[and I haven’t even mentioned cryptocurrency!….maybe at a later date]





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