Voiceover Extended Warrranty

by | Nov 14, 2017 | Ruminations


There is no such thing.

Don’t you think the money-grabbing insurance companies would’ve figured out a way to sell you such a thing if they could?


No… “Extended Warranty” is just one of those culturally-iconic phrases that when married to the word “voiceover” extends some sort of perceived value through association.  Kinda like “Voiceover Insider”, or “Voiceover Body Shop”, or “Voiceover Independent Living Program”.

Actually, wait…there IS a voiceover extended warranty…and it’s the person reading this blog:  YOU!

Yup, aside from being an audio engineer, bookkeeper, talent, marketer, and editor, you’re also the best long-term guarantee that your freelance business will survive and thrive.

Your success depends on calculated risk, your belief in yourself, your passion, and your hustle. Click To Tweet

You start to think about this stuff when the new year looms. For the next 6-8 weeks, you’ll see non-stop suggestions preparing you for the new year.  Sometimes it will be in the form of a resolution, a set of goals, a business-plan update.  Maybe it will be a call for renewed vigor in your marketing.  Lord knows, I’ve offered up a few such end-of-year lists myself right here on the blog.

Here’s one I came across on the web yesterday:

“4 Trends for Social Media Content Marketing in 2018”

I suppose ultimately I’m saying there is no real back-up plan, no delete key, no way-back machine or security certificate that will protect your voiceover investment of time and money.  Your success depends on calculated  risk, your belief in yourself, your passion, and your hustle.

Extend the warranty far enough, and you have a career, my friend.  I’d rather keep the monthly insurance premiums to myself anyway.  :-}




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