Show This List to Anyone Shopping for You for Christmas

by | Nov 29, 2017 | Fun Stuff

 No one knows what to get me for Christmas.

They ask, and I shrug.

Oddly enough, I have no trouble finding stuff to buy for myself.  Here’s why:

  • I’m a geek and frequent geeky online & brick ‘n’ mortar places
  • It’s complicated — literally —  the stuff I want is hard to understand
  • I’m impatient, and often can’t wait for someone else to buy it for me
  • It’s expensive

That being said, the biggest complication to explaining to someone what to buy me for Christmas is that they will then go out and get it, and it’s no fun, ’cause it’s not a surprise.

But what voice actor can’t use ANOTHER ONE of the following:

  1. mic cable
  2. thumb drive
  3. tablet stand
  4. scratch pad and pen
  5. screen cleaning cloth
  6. extension cord
  7. usb cable

…do I need to go on?  The little essentials always wear out, and it’s nice to have a back-up.

Need more?  Try the list below, and tell your love-ones they almost can’t mess up, ’cause these sites have return policies.  If you’re worried this process needs a little help, have your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/mate/partner call a close VO associate and ask for ideas…chances are they’ll have plenty of suggestions!

 This list is alphabetical.

Honorable Mention (not necessarily sound-related equipment):,,

I’m sure I might’ve missed a site.  Please comment below with your favorite equipment site, and I’ll add it to the list.



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