Turning the Corner…To Survive

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Ruminations

The rest of the world has moved on.  Las Vegas will recover. Just like Sandy Hook.  Just like Orlando.  Good GOD, what about Houston and all of Florida, or Puerto Rico?  Don’t they still deserve attention?  Can we linger on the need for a while longer there?

No, apparently not.  There is new news.  140 characters.  Tick…tick…tick… deadlines to meet, new challenges to tackle.

Inside the World-Voices Organization board of directors back-channel, we were debating whether WoVO should issue a quick word of sympathy to the families of the injured and slain in Las Vegas.  Did we do that for the shootings in Paris?  London?  What about the victims of Hurricane Irma?

While a compassionate word of recognition IS probably warranted in times of terrible tragedy…the problem is that there have been almost non-stop tragedies lately!

Wanna know what the top story was for the 11 o’clock news on the night that the shooting happened?

OJ Simpson being released from jail.

Normally, “The Juice” is instant fodder for a lead story on almost any night.

Who cares about OJ with all the aftermath of the Route 91 Country Music Harvest Festival shooting in Las Vegas?

The question becomes — what is the appropriate time to be respectful, to mourn, to grieve, to serve the wounded?

The answer depends on how you were affected by the incident; how deeply your loved ones or you were involved.

I sense that most of the rest of the world is moving along.  I really can’t…yet…but I’m doing so here on the blog.  I have to in the interest of sanity; of having some pleasant reality to grasp for while I read news that is terrible on a daily basis..

So while I may refer to the Las Vegas shooting tragedy here from time to time, I want to just be a voice-over blogger in this part of my life.


I came across a great online resource for those of you who use LinkedIn to build your voiceover marketing plan.  The link follows. Thanks for letting me move on… at least here.

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