A good many pundits (including me) had long ago stuck a fork in ISDN and proclaimed it dead.

It is.

Just not yet.

Proof of that comes from those who would-be the ISDN heirs: ipDTL and Source-Connect.  Read this excerpt from ISDN expert Dave Immer’s recent newsletter:


“…the IP to ISDN codec gap is being acknowledged by features available in the ipDTL app and by Source-Elements Virtual ISDN. Both developers have validated the lasting importance of ISDN by designing popular features that accommodate the need to connect with ISDN users. ipDTL deploys a bridge with the help of a rack of codecs. In the case of Source-Elements Virtual ISDN, it is an IP data-stream approach with no codec in the middle…”

Dave Immer

ISDN expert, Digifon

The other tool whose untimely death has been over-exaggerated is humble email.

Despite the beating it takes from all the spammers; despite being so ubiquitous it’s almost a joke; despite sometimes mercilessly running your life, email is not only holding its own, it’s thriving as much or more than ever!

Most of the successful tips for marketing by email are known to us all, we just don’t use them like we should.  For some inspiration, look at this infographic:


Here’s another article that may spur you on to greater heights of email proficiency:

17 Life-Changing Ways To Up Your Gmail Game

What other tool are you using, that you thought shoulda disappeared long ago?  Comment below.  

I’ll betcha someone says Cool Edit Pro!





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