The finer points of macroeconomics escape me.

I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to understanding the dynamics of the global marketplace, or the unseen forces of financial change.

We almost HAVE to be in favor of the gig economy, right?  I mean, we’re all voice over freelancers, and as such we work independently, which is the magic of being in charge of our own destiny.

But it also means we tend to get manipulated by the same opportunities that build our bank accounts.  

For instance, a good many savvy voice actors seem to think that the future of our industry is online.  What’s available today is some version of that future, but I think we all agree compensation rates in this paradigm are not at all what they should be.

Take a good look at this listing from “AIRTASKER”  (never heard of ’em before, and probably won’t seek ’em out either).  It popped up in a Google keyword search for “voiceover”.

This generous voice-seeker is willing to pay all of $50 for a job that requires significantly more than just your voice.  And look at the BIG BUCKS being offered for the “tasks” available in the list on the left of the screen!

Pick your poison:  Voicebunny, Upwork, Thumbtack, Fiverr, Odesk, Elance…the list goes on.  This is all a result of the internet + freelancers = the gig economy.  Only it = insanely insulting rates!

I’m not going to get into the standard arguments about “gotta feed the family, or pay the mortgage” (hard to refute).  ‘Not going to entertain the conversation about newbies needing to start somewhere.  ‘Not going to explain the difference between “career” vs. “job”.  ‘Not going to listen to the arguments about piling up enough small jobs to make big pay.  I don’t wanna hear your claim that there are still smart clients who will pay a good rate for a VO pro. You’ve heard all that (I know *I* have).

But if this is the future, and online casting is a juggernaut that’s not going away…we’re in trouble. Just like photographers (thanks iPhone)…just like authors (thanks Amazon)…just like web authors (thanks Wix).

Will we say …”just like voice actors” (thanks P2P’s)?

will say it doesn’t take a lot of common sense to see the demeaning direction these offers are going.  I will say these rates won’t sustain anyone’s career… it’s not even a lucrative JOB!

How is this going to settle-out in the long run?  How will a bunch of independent freelancers manage to salvage their self-respect and demand better rates?

So, explain to me, please?  Let me know where you see this all going.  




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