First in our Trifecta today has to be mention of the VO Agent Alliance.

Those VO talent agencies who felt betrayed or at the very least jilted in the buyout of VoiceBank by Voices dot com, are forming their own coop; a new place where clients can find the talent they need for their projects.  The initial list of agencies includes:

  • Voice Talent Productions
  • The Go Voices Talent Agency
  • In Both Ears
  • Play Talent
  • Umberger Agency
  • De Santi Talents Agency
  • Rockstar Entertainment
  • TaDa VoiceWorks

Erik Sheppard, Stacey Stahl, and Carol Rathe are the officers.

This is a most encouraging development in the ongoing saga of voices dot com trying to rule the voiceover world, and we wish them all the success in their venture.  Check ’em out, or even better, send a note of support.

VO Agent Alliance.

#2 in our grand parade of information today is the always-thoughtful innovation going on over at In:Quality (ipDTL).

Although I missed an online live demonstration of their new advancements yesterday involving ipDTL’s founder Kevin Leach, Townsend Coleman, Jodi Krangle, and John Beach… the recording of their session is very much available for you to watch (see below).

You’ll be happy to see the technology that In:Quality has added to allow you to set a dedicated ISDN number for you exclusive use for clients to dial-in, just like you had an ISDN Codec.  Very nice!  All is explained in the video.

Finally, a little tip about LinkedIn that you might wanna know about.

As one of the top social media platforms, LI has finally joined its siblings in offering a way for you to add native video in your LinkedIn stream.  This helps build your brand, and is an excellent way to market your freelance VO business IF YOU DO IT RIGHT.

Right now, it’s only available on the iOS or Android LI app, not on your desktop, but it beats the old functionality, which involved uploading a YouTube or Vimeo link. LinkedIn gives much better attention to videos uploaded natively through its app.  

It’s a real snap to do, but as I said, do it right.  Make sure you have a plan, keep it within your brand, and maybe check out my tips for doing on camera work here:

For more on the details of posting native video on LinkedIn…see this article:





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