You’d think after suffering a public relations disaster following Graeme Spicer’s pointed interview in November of 2015, VDC’s David Ciccarelli would’ve let the professionals handle his company’s “spin”. 

You might also surmise that with an infusion of $18-million dollars from Morgan Stanley, the online casting site could well afford a PR MACHINE to handle appearances.

But, no, Ciccarelli apparently likes to be fooled twice.

At a recent appearance in the UK, Gravy for the Brain’s Hugh Edwards conducted an interview with Ciccarelli in front of a roomful of Brit voice-actors, and in the process, Ciccarelli suffered a severe case of FIM disease.

Below is the video record of the interview, and below THAT – for the sake of comparison – the audio from Spicer’s interview with Ciccarelli (which we now know he tried to supress by threatening a lawsuit).

If you need any further proof why you should avoid this online P2P, I don’t know what it would be.


{video courtesy Darren Altman}

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