This is when an uncomfortable reality usually sets in.

The day after July 4th, and alla sudden we’re past the halfway point of the year.

Procrastinators:  you recognize the pattern.  You’ve put it off until it doesn’t get done.  Now you face the consequences.

Even those of you who are NOT closet procrastinators can fall victim.

 S’Ok, we’re all human, and there are 6 months to get it together

[I realize all of you who have a sound business plan and the discipline to stay on track are not affected by any of this…the rest of you read on!]

Here’s a short list of things you can do today (or at least this week) to refocus on the time ahead:

  • revisit the goals you set in January
  • check the notes you made at WoVOCon &VO Atlanta
  • do a gut-check with your best VO friend
  • set aside a day or two to re-establish priorities – just that, nothing else
  • join a Mastermind group to get accountable
  • engage with a business coach to refocus
  • read all my blogs since January 🙂
  • backtime your goal calendar to the remaining days left
  • spruce up the demo?
  • finish setting up that CRM
  • drop the subscriptions that aren’t bringing dividends (cloud? P2P?)
  • commit to an advertising campaign
  • FINISH one thing.  Then move on to the next.
  • don’t think about VO for at least two days
  • check the ROI on newsletter campaigns, FB posts, Google adwords, and LinkedIn messages
  • keep your plans short and achievable
  • organize your hard-drive and files
  • backed-up to the cloud lately?
  • what is your conference/travel budget for the rest of the year?
  • who will be your coach before December?
  • resolve outstanding invoices
  • update your email list
  • read “The War of Art”
  • Call Tom Dheere — he’ll set you straight!

I hope something there motivates you.

What did I forget?  

How are you preparing to get a grip on the second half of 2017? 

Please leave your comments below.  It’ll help us all!





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