What Michael Phelps, Game of Thrones, and ComiCon All Have in Common

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Ruminations

They all stole weekend headlines.

I’m bound to catch heat for this but…take away the Shark vs. Olympian PR stunt, a TV series about a crude make-believe medieval kingdom, and a conference for post-adolescent CosPlay, and is the world really any worse-off?

Here’s the thing though:  It underscores the challenge you are up against in trying to get even .001% of popular media attention for your freelance voiceover business.

Should you do something overtly outrageous, sexy, or banal to get noticed?

Only if that’s you… genuinely you, and you enjoy being a lightning rod for derision.

“No such thing as bad PR” is the old saying, but that oft-mentioned cliché fails to mention the downside; that you have to swallow your integrity, lose half your audience, and live with the cloud of doubt over your head the rest of your life.

I’m a plodder.  Not exactly the tortoise compared to the hare, but at least I know I haven’t sold my soul just to get the headline. 

What’s going to work to gain your VO biz some attention?  Do what is you and genuinely you…perfect it…do it consistently…do it ingeniously and creatively, and yes, if you have to spend some money once in a while for advertising, that’s OK too.

Just don’t stoop to cheap gimmicks.  The shark didn’t.





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