The Commins Came

by | Mar 27, 2010 | Uncategorized

Here’s proof positive that virtual relationships can grow and bloom and become real-world friendships.

Voice actor Karen Commins and her husband Drew visited in Las Vegas last week.  The main reason: celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with a drive-thru renewal of their vows at the Little White Wedding Chapel on the strip — on a Harley no less!  Great style!

In between scheduled items on their busy visit to Vegas, though, Karen and Drew took time to visit me at the TV station during a newscast, and then to break bread with me at an off-strip restaurant.

I wanted in the worst way to write about that visit last week, but certainly understood and honored the Commins’ wishes NOT TO, for the sake of confounding social media rules that dictate revealing all our whereabouts all the time!  In other words, protecting their home while they were away.

I’d write more about it, but Karen already has done so quite eloquently.

Please click HERE for more pics, and a great review of their visit.

Karen is a kindred soul, an astute and savvy student of the digital age, and a wonderful person (even though she’s seen Barry Manilow in concert 51 times).  ;-}




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