An Open Letter to Instructional Designers

Here’s one way to save money on costly re-do’s when sending the final version of an eLearning course to your narrators:  anticipate the questions someone brand-new to the copy will have.  That means: Never Ever EVER assume... read more

The VoiceOver Job (almost) No One Talks About

When we do our first demo, it’s the Commercial demo.  In our heart of hearts, we got into this business because we just knew our voice belonged on the best Radio and TV ads.  After all, a good many of us cut our teeth in radio doing just that. ... read more

DevLearn 2015

Las Vegas hosts a never-ending, multi-layered parade of conferences and conventions.  It’s the #1 gathering place for such things, and the city obliges with it’s own ginormous convention center.  Beyond that, most all the resorts have their own... read more