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FACE-ing Facts

Face Forward Everything you do online for your VO business:  Demos, Blogs, Twitter posts, FaceBook updates, profiles, newsletters...even email signatures should have a picture preferably a good picture of your FACE. I used to sit on the fence on this debate...you...

Rubber and Road

You think it's easy over here to just sit back on my blog every day and pontificate about what YOU should be doing with your voiceover business?   Well, actually, putting my admonitions down in words like this -- for all the world to see -- makes ME accountable...

…Just Days

Not to beat a dead horse... but to beat the deadline and attend one of the best VO conferences of the year, you're down to a matter of days and hours. WoVOCon IV in fabulous Las Vegas Nevada happens the last week of June, and we need to know...

Your Legacy

... is not built in a day. 'not worried about that? Good for you. I wonder about it sometimes...the footprint I'm leaving, the relationships I'm nurturing, and whether I've made a difference. Why THAT concern now? In Missouri, for the unexpected and untimely death of...

3 Reasons to Narrow Your VO Focus

No matter which side of the mic you’re on, marketable skill sets are intensifying and narrowing.


Remember when I said:  "So...What's Next?" last week? Well, below is a partial answer to that question. When either Diane Merritt or Lisa Biggs says "jump", I say "how high?".  Since both of them asked me to post this notice on my blog, how could I say no? You gotta...

Nevada’s Austere Winter Beauty

Somewhere between Tonopah and Hawthorne, NV. (taken on an iPhone 4 in a moving car) CourVO

Re-Cut Policies

Anytime you have another session, you charge, period.

VO’s Top 8 Clichés (and why we could be wrong about them)

Do you know what "jaded" means? It means:  "worn out or weary"...as in: we're too close to VO, and so immersed in the culture that we're over-exposed to it.  We view as -- tired -- the very things that identify us to our non-professional audience.  Those identifiers...

Planning Your VO Business Tax Return for 2020

2020 just keeps on giving! Uncle Sam will not waive your tax obligations because of COVID. Herewith, some tax planning tips.

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