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Just one more…

Thanks for hanging with me these last couple of weeks for my jaunt around the country... And special thanks to those who responded to yesterday's question about Cracker Barrel. Our family lovingly calls it "Country Bucket" (preserving the CB initials). Wednesday,...

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Harder Than it Looks

In the middle of Kansas... At a roadside restaurant, customers will find one of these mindless puzzles offered as a means to wile away the time waiting for their food... Name the restaurant chain....

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Leaf Skeleton

... the framework of a Sassafras tree leaf is all that remains after a precision attack by Japanese Beetles. ... Heading back across America's Heartland tomorrow....

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Popular Over the Years

Feelin’ the love

Valleys and peaks…renewal and change.

Blogging Illusions?

Is blogging worth it?

Zen of Reading Aloud

Some Thoughts on the Lost Art of Reading Aloud

The Voice Over Entrance Exam

Peter O’Connell’s free online publication: The Voice Over Entrance Exam is a must-read.

Don’t Wait, Do It Now

Don’t wait…do it now.


MultiTrack Studio.

Voices for Games – part two

Voicing for Video Games. Part two of my interview with accomplished voiceactor JS Gilbert.

Voices for Games

Back before Matthew Lesko began wearing that ridiculous suit with question marks all over it, he had what appeared to be a legitimate publication called "Information USA" (this is pre-internet, when you had to buy books).I won't go into whether Lesko is a scam...

VoiceOver Twitter Primer

A Twitter primer for voiceover artists.

Sell Well

Should actors sell? Absolutely!