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11 Signs You May Be a VO Pro

Does it matter?  Not really.  You don't need ME to tell you if 'n' when you are a professional.  But increasingly, some people want to know if they've "made the grade".  World-Voices Organization was inspired by the FaffCon criteria for passing muster as a...

You’re Not Going to Want to Hear This, But…

...Snapchat cannot be ignored.  Not even.  'More users than Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. My 22-yr-old college grad was home for Thanksgiving.  She lives on her iPhone, of course.  And on her iPhone, she lives on SnapChat. Here's one big reason why, and it harkens...

Redefining Terms

My inauspicious return from a week "off" in the Midwest was rudely interrupted by a phone call Sunday afternoon. To explain...I had returned Saturday night for the express reason that I wanted a "buffer day" before I had to go back to work at the TV station on Monday....

This Voiceover

What’s your job?

The Pivot

‘Interesting thing about a pivot…it holds the best of what you have, and what you want.

Splitting Hairs

What’s a fair price for earnest work? The quibbling over that simple question can cost you money if things aren’t laid out clearly from the outset.  Now I understand why some Voice actors demand a contract, and at least some pay up front. Here’s a real-life...

(Embarrassingly) True Story

Setting the stage: A well-known, top-notch commercial audio studio in a major city puts up a call for auditions on Voices.com. The Specs: The voice-seeker is looking for a Pirate voice...something...well....loud and boisterous and over-the-top mean sounding...like the...

Voice Actor Introverts Rule!

All alone in your booth, and you FINALLY feel at home? You’re an introvert. No worries, mate…introverts rule the world!

My One Audition Today

Think you’ve got it bad sending your voiceover auditions over the internet. Try doing on-camera stuff. Ugh

20+ Voice Over Rate Sheets & Resources

20+ Voice Over Rate Sheets & Resources – Just updated!

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