Memorize for Success

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Auditions

Every good actor memorizes their lines.

When’s the last time you saw George Clooney in a movie with a script in his hands, reading from the words on the page?

Now, granted, we’re not on camera when we audition or act the lines. But mastering the words on the page — committing them to memory — lends you a much better chance of delivering them with control. You’re able to truly ACT the lines, because you’re not tied to reading them anymore.  The words are now YOURS, not the guy who wrote them.

Downside:  auditioning will take a little longer until you get good at memorizing (and you will).

Upside:  auditioning will have a higher rate of success.

C’mon try it!… do it for a week, and see if you’re more able to feel/act/command the words in your auditions…and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll begin to pick up the knack!





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