It’s not you.

You did everything right — or as right as you could, given your experience, coaching, equipment, interpretation and commitment.

Your audition met the specs just about perfectly.


The TRUE reason you didn’t win that audition was confirmed with an off-hand comment made to me by a client in a remote recording session yesterday morning.

“Eric” was on the phone patch to do what clients do — make sure I deliver the copy JUST like he wanted.  He was pretty happy with my audition…that’s why I got the gig.  And that’s when he made the off-hand comment.

“…your audition sounded just like the voice I had in my head…”

It wasn’t that I had a deeper voice than the 50 other people who auditioned.  It wasn’t that I had a greater mastery of the copy than all those guys.  And it had little to do with the quality of my recording.

just happened to match the sound of the voice he had in HIS mind for this particular spot.

That’s all.

So in that sense… you are NOT competing with all other voice-actors for the gig.  Your agent believes in you, or they wouldn’t be sending you leads.  Your coaching is paying off, and the tweaking that George Whittam did with your audio chain was absolutely necessary.

But when it comes right down to it…with 99% of your audition being spot-on…the 1% that gets you the gig is that you are the voice the client had in her/his head for this spot.  ..and there’s no way on God’s green Earth you can possibly know what that voice is.  Only he/she does.

That’s it.

Your genes came through for you (or not).

In that sense, this really IS a numbers game.  The more auditions you submit, the greater your chance of finding the client with YOUR voice in HIS head.

Now go get ’em!






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