LinkedIn has proven staying power.  Despite a fickle interface subject to constant tweaking…this social media platform still has the most serious and businesslike reputation of all it’s online siblings.

Yes, you can find qualified leads, and do productive research in your prospecting for clients on this platform, and no, you don’t necessarily have to buy the upgrade.

I’ve found the LinkedIn Experts G+ Community to be an excellent place to hang out for daily tips.  Or be accepted in the community, and get email notices when someone posts.

If you do, you’ll notice that certain LI experts emerge as having the most helpful contributions.  Viveka von Rosen is one, and Andy Foote is another.

Andy’s recent post: 18 Enormously Useful LinkedIn Hacks is brilliant.

I especially like #’s 15 and 16 where he shows you how doing LI on your mobile device can actually benefit you in ways that are advantageous over using a desktop (weirdly).

Check it out, and good luck in your research!




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