That’s the tough part.  You have so much fun with your colleagues all weekend, and then the work that piles up when you return smacks you right in the face.

That’s where I’ve been most of the last 4 days.  Cleaning up, catching up, and winding down.

The bulk of WoVOCon IV planning and detail work fell on Dustin Ebaugh, and board member Karyn O’Bryant.  But rest assured, all the other board members were “on call” the entire weekend…which ended up being 3½ days, really.

If we didn’t know it by now, this fourth conference, and this fifth year of our existence proves our suspicions that this industry trade association-thingy that we originated, is needed.  It has legs.  People believe in it.  Our community embraces the concept.

These first five have been rough going at times.  But like never before, I feel we’re gaining ground on permanency, stability, and legitimacy.

As a non-profit, that’s huge.  The founders each kicked-in a pretty good sum out of our own pockets to get started.  We eventually got paid back, but now we have solid financial footing, and even were able to hire an Executive Director.  Having tasted that kind of worthy momentum makes all of us on the board want to go ahead some more.

WoVO’s sound financial footing comes almost exclusively through membership dues.  So to do more…to achieve the goals we have set out for ourselves means we need to grow that membership even more. Events of the last couple of weeks underscore our need for one more hired staff person:  a Social Media director.  To afford that position, takes a few more dollars, a few more members, and a little more outreach.

Since I became president in 2015, we’ve seen 300 new members join our ranks.  We’re now around 820, give or take.  By the end of 2017, we really need to be (can be) at 1,000.

Imagine!  One thousand members in the voice-over community of World-Voices!  Working toward common goals of advocacy, best practices, education, mentoring, and awareness.  It’s SOOO within reach!

….find one more….

At WoVOCOn IV this past weekend, the Executive Board launched an initiative for every attendee to “Find One More”.  We figured if every one of the attendees just went out and found one more qualified voice actor friend to join WoVO, we’d practically be there.

Now I extend the same invitation to you.

If you’re a WoVO member, please think of one more person you’d love to have join our organization.  

If you are not yet a WoVO member… I’m inviting you!

Go to this site, and sign-up.

We handed out handy swag reminders for conference attendees, and I’ve got lots left.  If you can prove to me you’ve added one more soul to our membership, heck…I’ll send you a light/whistle/compass keyfob.

It’s too bad most worthwile endeavours in this world come down to available funds, but it’s true.  We’re going to get to 1,000 one way or the other.  We can just do it faster with a little help from you.

Have a great weekend!!!





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