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by | Jul 1, 2013 | Demos, Subscription Services, Technology, Web Resources

voicezamBob Merkel is the founder and force behind VoiceZam.  He and I have  never met in person.  That unfortunate circumstance will likely be remedied at FaffCon6 in San Antonio this October, but until then, there exists this comfortable fellowship that results in today’s exclusive announcement here on this blog.

VoiceZam — as many of you know — is an innovation that blossomed from Merkel’s experience & creativity, and developed into a useful voice-actor’s tool, thanks to his equally savvy business acumen.  Visit the VoiceZam website, or revisit my interview with Bob to discover how this software can display/play your demo in such a unique way as to make VoiceZam a head-and-shoulders solution above any other player on the market.  Bob didn’t reinvent the wheel, but other embedded mp3 players appear  like  the wooden rim of a Roman chariot compared to VoiceZam’s wide-tracked polymer latex on today’s Indy racecars.

Bob’s been reconsidering the price-point of VoiceZam lately, though.  All his research shows that the vast majority of voice talent think VoiceZam is the best thing since the toaster oven, but they balk at the pricetag.

Hence today’s announcement.  You can read the official word here: VOICEZAM PR 2013

In short, Merkel is henceforth cutting the cost of his excellent product in half…  Yup, in half!

Merkel told me:  “‘…I realized by making the product more affordable, I’d help my dream come true—to help voice artists achieve theirs…”

The only conceivable rub in such a development is the possible question from early adopters who’ve been paying the (ahem) original price all this time.  I’m among them, and see no merit in this concern whatsoever.  Here’s why:  virtually every supporter of trend-setting technology knows of the added cost (and advantage) of being on the vanguard of new ideas.  Heck, I remember purchasing my first hand-held calculator from Sears for $79 dollars in 1973 (?)… and it didn’t even have a square-root key! Recall buying your first laptop?  Clunky, floppy-drive contraptions with green characters, and an almost prohibitive price-tag.

Congratulations!  The early-adopters have made it possible for Merkel to now offer this new price-point, and let’s face it…anyone who has already purchased VoiceZam knows of the clear benefits of the service so far and purchased it with their eyes open.

Please log into your account today and check your billing.  You should see the reflection of this new pricing structure in your next cycle.

Those of you waiting to join, or who have not heard of the incredibleness of VoiceZam can visit http://www.voicezam.com to begin your sign-up.

Also, There is now a landing page for the new price announcement, located here: http://www.voicezam.com/public/Latest-news.aspx

If you get a chance, you might want to drop Bob a line and let him know of your appreciation.  Merkel continues to innovate and improve this useful service, and you will see new features incorporated into VoiceZam in the near future.

Also, please see Paul Strikwerda’s excellent extension and development of this story on his blog, here:  http://www.nethervoice.com/2013/07/02/voicezam/.  If you have not added Paul’s blog to your RSS feed, please do so, or just subscribe on his blogsite.




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