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Tami Romani, Stephanie Ciccarelli, Faith Coons at VOICE2012

‘Nothing I love better than digging around the internet, and finding stories from local newspapers about my friends in VoiceOver.

A couple of years ago, I first came across the name Kelley Buttrick this way.  The December 2010 article about her in the online version of her hometown Athens, GA newspaper was the subject of my blog on  Dec 16th of that year.  Now Kelley is one of my closer friends in the business.  We share a monthly VO MasterMind call, and we even shared a brunch here in Las Vegas a few weeks ago.

I don’t expect to get buddy-buddy with every voice artist about which I find a newspaper article.  I’m just proud of them for being contributory to the reality of dong voice overs in this day and age;  especially when there’s a good bit of misinformation out there.  It’s also a wonderful promotional tool for the talent’s prospects in the local market.  There was also this blog about Markham Anderson in August of 2012…in a Michigan newspaper.

Now, I find a similar exposure in the local paper for VO friend Rocio Faith Coons: a July 2nd article in the Wauwatosa Times online version. For the uninitiated, Wauwatosa is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin suburb.

Wauwatosa Times reporter Michael Runyon gives an honest running account of Rocio’s class that day in a Recreation Department-sponsored class at a local High School.  Runyon also describes some of Coons’ own walk as an 8-yr-veteran of voice-overs.

I especially appreciate that she apparently tried to impress upon those gathered for the class that success in voice overs is 50/50 business savvy and talent (although, I’d put it more at 80/20)  🙂

Give the article a quick read, and tell me if you don’t find a lot of similarities in your own walk.

Nice going  Faith!




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