Constant Contact vs. Mail Chimp

by | Apr 22, 2013 | Newsletter, Subscription Services, Web Resources

constantcontactTraditional online services that helped you create and send newsletters have morphed into such multi-use platforms, that I’m not sure what to call them anymore.

Constant Contact — one of the oldest and most successful of the services, now offers marketing, surveys, metrics, social media interaction, email monitoring, and integration with a whole host of other providers (see link below).

The up-and-comer:  MailChimp — a Google Product — carries with it all the nimble interaction with the many other Google products, but even as a standalone product, MailChimp lately has been really turning up the heat.mailchimp

Why?  ‘Cause it’s mongo full-featured, and it’s FREE.

Constant Contact, by comparison, has what I will call and “aggressive” fee structure.  It’s hard to say you’re not getting what you pay for.  The question is:  do you NEED all those services?

I use both, and find value in them both.  But let’s face it.  That’s redundant.  I was leaning towards MailChimp as my sole service, until I began rummaging around Constant Contact’s always-changing interface, and found a list of all the services, apps, and integrations they share with other partners.

There are over 11oo services (OMG, you name it:  everything from graphics, to marketing, to writing, to SEO).

There are also over 200 apps and integrations.  Under THIS category, you will find an amazing list of the most innovative entrepreneurial offerings on the planet.  Seriously.

You DO NOT have to be a subscriber of Constant Contact to see these lists.
You DO NOT have to be a subscriber of Constant Contact to use these vendors.

I am recommending you go to the Constant Contact Marketplace today, and run through these listings.


Remember the other day I tried to hammer home the idea of delegating tasks you’re not good at?  (OutSource Options) It’s Freelancers hiring freelancers to get things done fast and well.  That’s what WE do for others… now here’s a master list of what others can do for you.

Would I steer you wrong?  Seriously, even if you never use any of these apps, integrations, or services, the sheer variation and number of creative ideas will inspire and astound you.  This is truly a list of “what’s out there”.

So, did I decide between Constant Contact and MailChimp?


I’m trying desperately to convince myself that the redundancy is worth it (and my mild hoarding complex is kicking in, too!)




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