Sound Newsletters

My mailbox fills with plenty of stuff everyday.  Some of it gets automatically deleted…others get only a cursory look…and a good many are important – deserving more time. Among those in the cursory view category are a number of newsletters... read more

Constant Contact Alt?

What do you use for sending out newsletters, tracking email lists, and handling CRM? There are plenty of products that offer simple-to-full-spectrum features in this online space.  And that full spectrum includes the price they charge for it. Am I wrong in... read more

Passion Can Never Be Outsourced

Should You Pay For an Online Press Release? This question easily parallels other similar questions like:  Should I hire an SEO consultant?  Should I hire a web author, a graphic artist, a virtual assistant, and audio editor? Clearly, “shopping”... read more

Constant Contact vs. Mail Chimp

Traditional online services that helped you create and send newsletters have morphed into such multi-use platforms, that I’m not sure what to call them anymore. Constant Contact — one of the oldest and most successful of the services, now offers... read more

7 Simple CRM Solutions

CRM: Customer Relationship Management Not that your customers or your relationships need “managing”…it’s just a term that applies to any number of available software systems that help you track, communicate with,... read more

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