Sound Newsletters

My mailbox fills with plenty of stuff everyday.  Some of it gets automatically deleted…others get only a cursory look…and a good many are important – deserving more time. Among those in the cursory view category are a number of newsletters that come... read more

Constant Contact Alt?

What do you use for sending out newsletters, tracking email lists, and handling CRM? There are plenty of products that offer simple-to-full-spectrum features in this online space.  And that full spectrum includes the price they charge for it. Am I wrong in thinking... read more

Passion Can Never Be Outsourced

Should You Pay For an Online Press Release? This question easily parallels other similar questions like:  Should I hire an SEO consultant?  Should I hire a web author, a graphic artist, a virtual assistant, and audio editor? Clearly, “shopping” or... read more

Constant Contact vs. Mail Chimp

Traditional online services that helped you create and send newsletters have morphed into such multi-use platforms, that I’m not sure what to call them anymore. Constant Contact — one of the oldest and most successful of the services, now offers marketing,... read more

7 Simple CRM Solutions

CRM: Customer Relationship Management Not that your customers or your relationships need “managing”…it’s just a term that applies to any number of available software systems that help you track, communicate with, and…well…manage... read more

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