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auphonicThe reason I watch EWABS is because George Whittam and Dan Lenard are smarter than I am.  I learn something every time.

Among the many deficiencies in my voice-over self-wiki is the understanding of audio engineering.

I know some basics.  I try to buy good equipment.  I know I don’t have to understand it all…because (thank goodness), much of what falls on the human ear is just subjective.  Does it sound good to the client?  If so, then the spectral analysis of my sound wave doesn’t really matter, right?

Nonetheless, the more I learn about audio production, the better my stuff sounds.  Amazing how that works!  Thank you Dan and George!

There have been a number of attempts to automate the post-production of sound files…as if some all-encompassing solution would work for all your recording needs. (it doesn’t/can’t)  But they keep trying.

The Levalator comes to mind.

Anteres Technology offers some digital wizardry in their various plug-ins.

It was inevitable that someone would develop this sort of automated tweaking of your soundfile on a smartphone, though, and sure enough…the folks at Auphonic have done so.

The service claims to be, “…an automatic post production web service for broadcasters, podcasts, radio shows, screencasts and more…” 

[How is it that VOICEOVER seems to always be missing from these lists of services? Are we invisible?  Sounds like a mission for WoVO!]

Auphonic is available as an app for your iPhone and Android devices.   It levels, normalizes, reduces hum, offers restoration, filtering, handles all file formats, includes support for video input, and even makes popcorn!  (kidding about that last one).

Once you’ve registered for free, the app opens, and you can record from within the program.  You make presets, but you don’t edit the waveform.  It just automatically uploads to your account, and when you log onto the website, you’ll see it there, ready for production.

At this point, I see no costs posted on the site, just a mention to offer a donation if you like the service.

I’m not sure what Dan and George would say about Auphonic, but if you’re really caught in a pinch, and HAVE to get a good audition turned-in on a deadline, this might be worth a try.

Below is a quick explainer video of how it works…WARNING…these guys really NEEDED a decent VO talent for this video!





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