StrongArming Stress

by | Sep 21, 2011 | Advice, Freelance, Published Articles, Web Resources

So funny that I got such a supportive response to yesterday’s blog about Caring for your Cords.  By the end of the day Tuesday, I was coming down with a sore throat.  Ack!  (self-fulfilling prophecy?)

On top of that, I had a full load at the TV station, a ton of work to do in my VO studio, I’m trying to develop yet another cutting-edge resource on Social Media that is a total time-suck, I’m preparing for a flight Saturday to the Midwest, and I’ve got a new puppy peeing on the carpet everywhere!


Unbelievably one of my favorite freelance websites had just the solution:  Freelance Folder.

In her excellent article:  FREELANCING STRESS 3.0, Author Laura Spencer lays out today’s big stress generators, and provides 11 helpful links for understanding stress, dealing with stress, and not letting it defeat you — specifically for freelance VO’s like you.

Take a  moment to read, and then….take a deep breath and tell  yourself it’s gonna be alright!





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