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Voice Over Success with rate sheets - image visual for word successVoice Over Rates are a moving target.   Union-repped talent would tell you differently, but for the rabble…the vast unwashed masses of VO which now predominate the field…it’s a negotiation.

Still…it’s nice to have a starting point, a reference point, a standard of some sort, and yes, the union rate sheet is one of those standards.

While you’re encouraged to devise your own formula, there is not shortage of available rate sheets for voice over talent.  I’m listing 20+ sites below that will give you a starting point.  I’ve visited and qualified each of the following links:

  1. The Voice Over Resource Guide
  2. AFTRA Union Rates (scroll to bottom of page for links to Radio, TV, etc)
  3. SAG Commercial Contract FAQupdated 2017
  4. Edge Studio -NYC
  5. Producers Handy Dandy rates
  6. Body Tone Multimedia
  7. RGM  (Australia)
  8. PieHole (UK)  How NOT to Quote for VO Work 
    PieHole: Quoting for VO work
  9. Animated VoiceOver Rates from Alliance Online
  10. Payscale.com
  11. Voice Over Xtra (by James Alburger) Part I
    Voice Over Xtra (by James Alburger) Part II
  12. Big Fish Media
  13. World Wide Voices

Individual Voice Over (VO) Talent Examples/Resources:

  1. Kevin Sanderson
  2. Arielle Delisle –  Having the Guts to Charge a Fair Rate
  3. Paul Strikwerda – 10 Consequences of Predatory Pricing
  4. Graffitti Studio
  5. Richard Heathcote (UK)
  6. Todd Shick (Canada)
  7. Voice-Over-Training.org (video by Bill DeWees)
  8. Dulcet Tones (Australia)
  9. Crayon Mouth
  10. 7 Tips to Setting Freelance Rates


Do you have any other VO resources, examples or updates you’d like to share?








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