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by | Feb 9, 2010 | Mics, New Paradigms, Technical, Technology

newmic This is an intriguing concept, absolutely do-able (in theory), and probably will be common in the future.

I’m sure something similar could be done by Android, BlackBerry, or other smartphone, but follow the bouncing ball, while I explain how it could be done on the iPhone.

First, you need a microphone.  Amazon now sports a number of mics that plug into either the charging port on the bottom of the phone or the earphone plug blueon the top of the phone.

The Blue Mikey is a particularly nice addition from Blue Microphones. They’ve actually come out with a new model that has stereo recording capabilities, 230-degree rotating design, and a USB pass-through, not to mention it’s own carrying pouch and headphones.  It vericorder has the same hi-fidelity 3-gain selection switch features of the original Mikey.

See also the Vericorder mini-mic, (left) a nice companion to the software I’m about to describe below by Vericorder.

Now, you need decent software….or not.  You could probably stop right here and turn in a pretty decent soundfile to that client waiting impatiently to hear your dulcet tones on their new project.

But I know you better than that.  You need something more than what is available for 9poddio9-cents in the appstore.  You need Poddio.

Poddio used to be inexpensive.  Not any more.  But, if you’re serious about this, you’ll need to get Poddio.  It’s an unbelievably feature-rich audio editor in the palm of your  hand.

Virtually anything you can do with Sony  SoundForge, you can do in Poddio (almost).

Visit VeriCorder yourself and see the specs…I’ll not bore you here, but this is one slick software app.

Since it’s inception late last year, Poddio seems to  have gone through some developmental growing pains…it certainly jumped its price about 400%…and you can’t get it by just doing a search under Applications on your iPhone.  You have to visit Apptism, or the Vericorder site itself.

Poddio even lets you upload/share your finished audition to a server through WiFi or 3G so your client can download and hear it.

Again, pricey….but hey, you want your audition to sound good, right?

Why would anyone want to audition by iPhone?  Any number of scenarios come to mind.  Maybe you’ve just left your studio for the day to go with your family to the museum, and while you’re there, your favorite client emails and dangles in front of you, THE spot  you’ve been hoping to get.  You grab your iphone, your Mikey, and head for the nearest mainenance closet you can find… read the script off your iPhone screen, while you voice it into the mic, then send, and wait for the email from your client that it’s just what he wanted to hear…. oh, and BTW, thanks for the excellent qualiity audition!!!

Honestly, this only miniaturizes the mobile equipment you probably  take with you when you travel anyway.  I wouldn’t think of cutting the final product on the iPhone (not yet), but this absolute minimum configuration is convincing enough to fit the bill in a pinch.




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