Bodalgo Founder Interview — and a great offer

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bodalgo Birds of a feather…

Two of the most prolific international VO personalities got together the other day, and the bonafide result for you and me is a very enriching interview of Bodalgo’s founder Armin Hierstetter.

Mahmoud Taji, of The Voiceemporium, provided the interview and the link below, AND the following generous offer:

Armin is offering my readers 1 month free Premium membership for anyone who cites me (Mahmoud Taji) or Taji's Voice Emporium as a referral.

Taji has also included a podcast of the interview for those interested, and says if you already have a free account at Bodalgo, and would like to take advanatage of this offer, just tell Taji, and he’ll contact Armin directly to see what can be done.

HERE is the link to the article/interview.

Taji’s information:
twitter: mahmoudtaji




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