IS Dis ISDN (part n)

by | Jun 16, 2008 | Equipment, Hardware, Software, Technical | 0 comments

AudioTX fulfillment is so close I can taste it.1890_wires

I've now got the right modem (USB Eicon Diva), but finding the right driver software is proving to be a challenge.  Dialogic's site is kinda confusing on this.

I'm also unsure if the nice folks at Sprint actually have my service routed correctly somewhere back in a switchroom in some nameless building here in Vegas.

Answers to those questions and more forthcoming this week! 

Anybody with any insights are welcome to chime in here.  Thanks, BTW, to the ever-helpful Frank Frederick for his constant mentoring through this (although AudioTX fulfillment so far is eluding him too.)




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