The DAW: Triumph of Eye Over Ear?

PBS recently re-aired a special on the White House.  The staff, the history, the Oval Office, and more.  All manner of people who’ve had ANYTHING to do with the residence were interviewed.   You should try to see it.  No... read more

Learning the Tools

Guilty.  ‘So guilty of my failure to take the time to read the manual, go to the FAQ, utilize the help files. I’m arrogant enough to expect every device, all software, and most online platforms to be so intuitive that I really don’t have to... read more

Giroptic iO 360°

For two years or more, I’ve been beating the drum about the use of pictures; still pictures, moving pictures, pictures on social media, and pictures in your marketing. It’s easy for us in the business of audio to overlook the important of video…but... read more

Newest Portable Audio Recorder from $ony

They just keep on coming down the pike, and I am intrigued by all of ’em.  How much can they pack into a hand-held digital recorder?Tascam and Zoom seem to dominate this field, but others players like Olympus and Roland have some entries.Now, Sony is back... read more

How Latent Are You?

The fancy new audio chain I bought isn’t exactly working like I thought it should.  Oh, it makes an incredible recording, but the unit itself dangerously overheats, and playback is fraught with pops and crackles (Rice Krispies!) that are not in the... read more

Smartphone Voice Recorder Without the Phone

You know me.  I’m not one to let a new portable recording gizmo go unnoticed.The new smartphone-looking audio recording device from Philips Electronics is called the Speechair…which of course begs the question of whether it’s a Spee Chair, or a... read more

The Fake Fad

Artificial Intelligence.Gucci knock-offsBlood dopingPirated moviesWeird Al YankovicDopplegangersSteroid athletesIf you can’t get it legitimately, chances are there’s a wanna-be pretender-to-the-throne somewhere, be it legal or not.If an athlete can’t... read more

The World’s Largest Media Owner

Rupert Murdoch?  Nope.Sony?  Huh-uh.Comcast/AOL/TimeWarner? Not even close.Google.I know, I know… Apple has $194 Billion in cash, and is a media darling, but Google (which Steve Jobs hated) is moving ahead of all other also-rans.Google is 136% bigger... read more

Strictly Classifed!

My constant hammering away at the situation with outgoing ISDN and incoming IP remote recording solutions often shakes loose a few informational tidbits from unexpected corners of the industry. Yesterday’s post of a video interview with SessionLinkPro’s... read more

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