WoVOChat Wednesday: Microphones!

by | May 19, 2015 | Mics, VO Business, WoVOChat

micsWhen a voice-actor tells me they’ve got a mic they’re totally happy with, and they’ve been using it for years…I’m skeptical.

Most VO’s I know are always are considering the next best mic.

Sure, purchasing a mic is an individual decision… a decision based on:

  • budget
  • research (hopefully)
  • trial ‘n’ error
  • your own unique voice
  • the genre you work in
  • the sound you hope to achieve

(and more)

There’s a bit of an obsession about mics for people in our line of business.  There’s also a belief that the better the mic the better you’ll sound.  But that is only true to a point of diminishing returns (same for preamps). Audio engineers and recording experts will tell you the money spent on the “next best mic” might be better spent on the proper treatment of your recording environment.

Regardless, mic manufacturers are hip to our obsession, and keep coming out with new models, or modifications to old models.

How many of us really understand the esoteric details of how microphones are built? Do you know the difference between dynamic and condenser mics?  Why do voice actors primarily use large-diaphragm mics?  How much should you REALLY spend on a mic?

Those questions and more will be answered in our next WoVOChat.  

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 20th at noon, Pacific.  Our guest experts will be World-Voices Organization members Jordan Reynolds, and Dan Lenard.  I’ll be along as a host, and WoVO Pro & Content Marketing guru Pamela Muldoon will be our moderator.

Park yourself in front of your favorite Twitter interface (we like tchat.io and tweetchat.com), and be ready to join the fun and the stream of consciousness that is WoVOChat!  Be sure to include the hashtag #wovochat in everything you tweet!

Here are the ten questions we have planned.  We’ll have prepared answers to these 10 questions, but as you know if you’ve participated before, the online conversation ranges far and wide beyond the plan.

C ya Wednesday!



1)  As a voice-actor, is a microphone the most important equipment purchase & how do I pick the best one?

2)  Should I use different mics for different projects/genres?  

3)  Do I need to spend upwards of $1,000 on a mic to sound REALLY professional? 


4)  Why are large-diaphragm mics recommended for most voiceover work?  


5)  Explain the difference between dynamic and condenser mics.  Which is best for what job? 


6)  Should I consider things like pick up pattern, frequency response, and bass roll-off?  ‘Sounds confusing.

7)  Can USB mics compete with the quality of XLR mics?  


8) Are some mics better for men than women, and vice versa?  


9)  Can a good pre-amp or smart processing cover for an inexpensive mic?  


10)  What’s a good all-purpose mic for $300-$400?  






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