WiFi-Enabled Portable Recorder

by | Jan 5, 2015 | Equipment, Hardware, Technology

tascamDo I have to state the obvious?  WiFi-enabled portable recorders include smartphone and tablet devices.  Auditions on iOS and Android devices using apps now available are landing gigs, and satisfying customers who can’t tell the difference.

Not only are they Wi-Fi enabled, but they’re internet-connected, and with the right equipment, you can even plug in your XLR  mic of choice.

Why is it we voiceover purists still don’t trust that mode like we could?

)))SIGH((( I admit I’m still among them… and from what I can tell, the majority of my voice acting peers feel the need to supersede the smartphone specs for their work while on the road, and bring a more professional “mobile unit”. 

I’ve written about these choices until my keyboard has jammed…and still new options are ever-available.  So why fight it?  The hardware/software combinations you can take with you in a portable set-up today are innovative, improving, and near-studio quality.

My personal choice is the ZOOM H6n, but I’ve used my iPhone, my iPad, and my Android tablet on occasion, and clients never complained.TASCAM-DR44WL

Here’s a handy new twist, though: the portable hand-held recorder that my ZOOM does not yet feature:  WiFi on the Tascam DR-44WL.

Aside from providing convenient wireless file transfer, the well-known Tascam brand of recorders offers in this unit XLR inputs on the bottom of the device.  In addition the DR-44WL (cute name, doncha think?) comes with an app for iOS or Android that controls the transport and transfer of files, as well as streams audio from the device.

Most everywhere I see it for sale (BSW, Sweetwater, Guitar Center, etc.) it’s selling for $299.




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