by | Oct 19, 2014 | Ramblings/Off-Topic, Travel, VO Business

About this time of year my wife and I start really missing the change of seasons. In Vegas, the Summer heat goes away, but you can’t really say Autumn expresses its full blush in the desert…
Add to that the opportunity to attend the wedding of a best friend’s daughter – where MY daughter was maid of honor – and we had the perfect excuse to get back to the Midwest (Missouri & Illinois).

Hence, expect pretty light fare here on Courvo’s blog for the week. I’ll be posting travel and rural landscape pix for the most part.
That, and trying my best to keep up with every Voice-actor’s lament: the rush of work that comes with any attempt to find some down time…one of those blessing / curse predicaments.
‘Hope you’re enjoying the season wherever you are!



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