About this time of year my wife and I start really missing the change of seasons. In Vegas, the Summer heat goes away, but you can’t really say Autumn expresses its full blush in the desert… Add to that the opportunity to attend the wedding of a best... read more

Killarney to Kilkenny

Most English-speaking countries don’t find much use for the “K” in their verbiage. Ireland makes up for that.  K’s abound in their location names. Yesterday, dodging raindrops all day I was able to capture this picture of 15th century Muckross... read more

Dublin is Beautiful

The place is all grey and wet and cool…a welcome respite from the relentless heat and sun of Las Vegas. Sunday we took a bus tour of the city, and even attended an Anglican service at this cathedral – Christ Church of Dublin — the oldest church in... read more


My mantra for blogging is to be steady and consistent.  There should be something new for you here almost every single time you visit. You’ll see an ebb and flow of quality, but there should always be something new.  That’s my commitment.  At least one new... read more

The Trouble With Traveling

This is more than coincidence.  This is uncanny. At least twice before I’ve blogged that a regular part of my business plan should be that I travel…like…all the time.  ‘Cause when I do..I invariably catch a boatload of sudden interest in my voice. Wednesday,... read more

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