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My mantra for blogging is to be steady and consistent.  There should be something new for you here almost every single time you visit.

You’ll see an ebb and flow of quality, but there should always be something new.  That’s my commitment.  At least one new blog every 24 hours, and hopefully something that contributes to your VO business.

I’ll be blogging for the next few days, but the only thing you’ll find that might augment your VO business is a little inspiration from the mountain West.

I’ll be vacationing with my family near Truckee, CA for the next few days.  That’s Lake Tahoe country…very close to where the Donner party had their tragic Winter-over in the Sierras.   It’s beautiful there, and I can veg.

So, stop back here for a few gorgeous pics if that will bring some tranquility to your day…there just won’t be much about business.  Even computer/internet/geeks need some time away from the digital universe.




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