The Trouble With Traveling

by | Oct 15, 2009 | Auditions, Technology, Travel

driving across NV This is more than coincidence.  This is uncanny.

At least twice before I’ve blogged that a regular part of my business plan should be that I travel…like…all the time.  ‘Cause when I do..I invariably catch a boatload of sudden interest in my voice.

Wednesday, it took me 12 hours to drive from Las Vegas to Boise.  Don’t get me wrong, the drive was one of the more enjoyable I’ve ever taken.  Clouds, fog, rain, rainbows…very uncharacteristic weather for Nevada, and beautiful to see.

But when I finally made it to my room and opened up my laptop to check on things, I found at least four decent requests for auditions.  I know, I know, some of you get that and more EVERY DAY, and you love to tell us all about it.  (See MushMind…I’m not done with this topic yet!).  But four requests for audition – in my mailbox…as in, I DIDN’T have to chase ‘em down – THAT’S a good day for me.

Oh, and did I mention I had 300+ fresh e-mails waiting for me besides the auditions?

All of which brings me to the trouble with traveling.  Anymore, can we afford to be even ONE DAY without checking e-mail? (for some add Twitter, FaceBook, and LinkedIn to the question)

If the answer is “no”, is that good?  I mean, of course I’m kidding about traveling merely to prompt auditions…but I’m NOT kidding about the serious ball ‘n’ chain we have in the form of virtual communications.

If I took a day to enjoy my drive to Boise…then why doesn’t it feel like I was really free of encumbrances and cares? 

To me this underscores the fundamental dependence we in voice-acting have on electronic communications as an intrinsic part of our business plan.  If this bothers you…I think you’re in trouble..


P.S. If you want to see a quick video of my trip…click HERE.



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