The Time is 416, and the Clock is Ticking

by | May 22, 2014 | Mics

senny416-cLast week on this blog when Joe Cipriano announced the deal he worked out with BSW on the Senny 416, the crowd went wild!  (See: Best “416” Price Evar:  Thanks Joe and BSW!)

Joe later told me that BSW sold more 416’s that day than they did in all of 2013!  (See: “416” Update)

For the uninitiated, the discount BSW offered for voice-actors only, and not publicized anywhere else but this blog, social media, and word-of-mouth, was the venerable MKH 416 for the unprecedented price of $799 (easily a $200 savings on a new mic).

There were whispers that other vendors were willing to match that price, and even throw in a shockmount or other peripherals…but Joe & BSW led the pack, and are still offering that deal.

But for how long?

A number of people posed that question…fearing they might miss such a deal. while they checked their budget.

Well, the deadline is now announced.  Joe told me today that:  “…The LAST DAY to get the “Friend of Joe Cip deal” is May 31st.  Voice actors will have until  then to use the code “Living On Air” when purchasing a 416 from BSW to get the $799 price and the autographed copy of the book, Living On Air…”

So, there you have it…a week and a day to rob the piggy bank, call in your gambling markers, and usurp your kids’ inheritance… all so you can have one of the best mics in the biz, at a price you won’t see again in your lifetime (I love hyperbole!).

Thanks, Joe Cipriano, and thanks BSW!




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