Best “416” Price EVAR…Thanks, Joe & BSW

by | May 13, 2014 | Mics

senny416-aAh, the venerable Sennheiser 416!!!

The things legends are made of.

For whatever reason, “the 416” is the darling of some of the best voice over professionals out there.  Could be it IS the real deal, and worthy of the adoration being heaped on it.  History traces it’s introduction to one influential pro who happened to take a hankering to it’s sound, and introduced it to the rest of us…or so the story goes.

Regardless, it is definitely on the radar as one of the most coveted mics to have in your studio.  It’s not for every voice, and not for every genrè, but it IS for everybody’s wish list.

Here’s the thing, though…a brand-spanking new 416 is gonna cost ya.  $1000 is the standard.  You might get a dollar-or-two knocked here ‘n’ there in a Labor Day sale, but by-and-large, the 416 is a cool grand on any given day.

Enter Joe Cipriano.  Joe is uniquely connected to the pulse of the VO community.  By virtue of his position and history in the business, he also has the working relationships with suppliers and decision-makers who will listen to “Cip”.

Lucky for us, and with the help of BSWUSA, Joe’s taking advantage of that position to instigate the single-most benificent pricing offer on the Senny 416 anyone has ever seen!cipriano-1

Below, watch this interview I did with Joe, and his big announcement exclusively for voice actors regarding the 416.  Then take note of the links and resources at the bottom, and don’t pull the lever on any mic purchase until you watch the video!

(oh, and by the way, on both ends of this interview Joe and I were using “the 416”)

OK, if you’re interested, is waiting with baited breath to bring you Sennheiser fulfillment.

Here’s the link to the special offer:   (or you can call to order, and use the code: “Living On Air” [case sensitive on website])

Here’s the entire story in black ‘n’ white:  BSW Friend of Joe Discount.

***And best of alLL BSW SHIPPING ON THE 416, and JOE’S BOOK IS FREE!!!***

Finally, here’s a link to ANOTHER Vimeo video where BSW’s Tim Schweiger, Joe Cipriano, and George Whittam in a 3-way interview at the National Association of Broadcaster’s convention in Las Vegas last month.  This video compliments of Lee Pinney and his company  “Voice Around Town”.

George Whittam and Joe Cipriano with Tim Schwieger from Broadcast Supply Worldwide from Joe Cipriano on Vimeo.




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