Sennheiser “416” Mic Update

by | May 15, 2014 | Mics

senny416“We’ve sold more 416’s in one day, than we did in all of 2013”!!!

So says BSW in response to yesterday’s big run on the special sale price Joe Cipriano worked out with the equipment supplier.

If you haven’t heard, then run over to yesterday’s blog for all the details, and a quick video interview I did with Joe to explain.

The sales were so brisk that BSW ran out of their 416 stock.  So the latest update is that BSW will still continue to honor the special pricing of $799 (until further notice), and Sennheiser is overnighting them to BSW for immediate shipment to your door (no shipping charge).


In the meantime, you’d be surprised how many people who already own a 416 are buying a second one…that’s a great testimonial to the reputation of this mic.




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