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by | Oct 10, 2013 | Software, Technology, Web/Tech

readd2recordAh…the drudgery!  You’ve just been handed a big long-format narration — an E-learning module — and the client specifically asks that each paragraph be its own named sound file.

…and there are 67 paragraphs!!!

This will take some serious editing time, no?

Hervé Chain developed a wonderful solution to that years ago called Word2Wav.  I like W2W, and Hervé’s FAQ’s and customer service are wonderful.

But a fellow voice-actor thought maybe W2W was a little too complicated, or perhaps a little too pricey, and he’s been working hard on developing his own software solution to the above scenario. (wow!  a voice-actor who writes code, too!)  It’s called Read2Record.

Bob Taylor started emailing me with progress reports on his new program several months ago.  I would barely get around to installing his latest offering when he would write to say he had a new version.  This went on for weeks.

But now, Bob is getting pretty close to a finished product, and honestly, he could use a few Beta Testers.  That means you’ll have access to the latest software as it stands, and you get to play with it, and feed back to Bob your experience with the program.

Here’s what Bob wrote me most recently, and he really stressed watching the video to get the introduction:


Read2Record has undergone major revisions, so even if you have downloaded the program or viewed the demo video. I encourage you to WATCH THIS ONE first. ( )

Then, please download the application from HERE: (  )
NOTE: we have seen anti-virus programs impede the download process, so turn them off during download
If you have any problem with the download, try THIS LINK (good for about a week)

The program will require registration before it will import scripts.
Info on how to do that is in one of the instructional videos. (part of beta is to see how good the helps are)
Of course, if you get stuck, please email me: [email protected]
SKYPE me: taylormadevoice
Call me: 716 704 8108


Got it?  Give it a whirl, and Bob will be most grateful.  He DID want you to know that if he gets a rush of Beta-testers all at once, the response time to questions might a little more delayed than usual.




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